Mar 21, 2010


huhuhu... at last 'D' day had come. the story start when me that is myself :p, atiqah my little sister and batrisyah my sister friend get out from our house at 2.30pm. thank to Mr. Asri that is my father ;) who had sent us to STAR station Sentul Timur. After our arrival there, we waiting to meet our camera girl Farah Madieha who is also my sister friend. huhuhu she n her sister a bit lost to go to Sentul Timur :p.

Then the next chapter of the story came when we go up the station n buy our train ticket :p RM2.80 per person to bukit jalil from sentul timur. then we entered the train, sits down and~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring stuff in the train just sleep for awhile~ hahahahah
after about 20minute of boring life in the train;) at last we arrived at our destination. Bukit Jalil!!!! hahahahaha. when we arrived we meet some other friend that is my Nabila, ..h...a(cannot display her name), Nadhirah, ally (also my sister friend). we walk together to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil n saw some people selling merchandise here n there. when we reach our destination. OMG very2 many people. then we are search for SUJU stick. but there is non~ huhuhu then at 4.45pm we go for our prayers n then after the prayers i saw a new stall opens.. at last!!! there is the STICK!!!! hahaha i bought it for me n my sis.. hehehe.. i go tells my other SUJU mate :p n they dash to the stall.. hahahahahaha.... then we line up in a long que to wait for the time to go in~

in about 6.15our gate at last open. there are a bag inspection at the gate where bottle, food, drinks and also camera (WTF camera also cannot ka????) cannot bring along in. huhuhu my sisters n her friend my a good job on tricking the RELA (guard). and a very good job to farah who can hide n trick for her big2 camera.. hahahah good job..

at last we are in~ hahahahahha the show star at 7pm but only performance by 2 Malaysian artist. and then we had to wait until 8 when SUJU finally appear.. huhuhu very2 excited.. cannot describe it.. hahahaha...huhhuu.. very2 enjoying.. until at 11pm i thin the concert ended. n we go back home.. uhuhuhu.. on way back home i meet my UiTM friend farah. hahahaha.. very2 tired n enjoy~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. My favourite performance as usual Don Don't hahahah.. i like the drama there and when Henry came out... waaaaaa very i like~ hahahahahahahah the end zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... Malaysia the best!!!!! Zhoumi n Henry we support U!!!! SUPER JUNIOR is 15 as Family!!!!!!!!!!! SARANG HAE SUJU!!!!!! TQ for the performance!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ come again :p

Mar 14, 2010

hahaha puff the magic dragon (kyu story)

hahahaha sumpah ku xde keje!!!!! layan je~


as posted by AIMI.... ME to want to know when does SUJU is going to land on KLIA!!!!!! I want to stalk them!!!! hahahahahah CLICK2!! taking picture2 hhahahahahaa.. if anyone know!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tell me, tell me, te te te te te tell me :p....

Mar 6, 2010

huhu malas~ stressed..

huhuhu.. byk pulak keje mggu ni ngn test lagi.. huhuhu lth2... huhuhu sedeh pn ye gak... huhuhu... hope she here.. huhuuhhu...

pndk je huhuhuhuh... malas~

Mar 5, 2010

Mimpi pgi SUPER SHOW 2~ hahahahaha

huhuhu.. bagaimanakah bleh termimpi bnda ni.. agak plik jgk mimpi ni.... nth mcmana start dah x igt.... yg ku igt ku berada di stadium... mase ni xmsk g la ade kat luar stadium.. ramai gle org... de mmbr2 ku sume jgk.. yg plik nye ade jgk mmbr2 ku yg xminat korea pn ade pegi konsert tu.. hahahahahaha... agak plik jgk la..... pas dah nak masuk tu..... kiteorang sekumpulan sesat cri pintu masuk.. hahahahaha... agak plik jgk jalan masuk die.. kene nek lif la n mcm2.. agak lame gak kiteorang mencari berlari2.. last2 bru la jmpe huhuhuhu... kiteorang masuk agak lmbt tpi still konsert tu xstart g.. pnuh gle stadium.... ble nk start je~ ku pn trjage~

hehehehe konklusinye ku maybe dah excited sgt nak pegi ni kot:p.. 1st konsert in my life.. hahahahaha.. jgn xjdi sudey :P


HAHAHA... cantek x :p.. ku mmg minat edit2 gambo ni... edit gambo sndri n edit gambo pape yg bkn kene mengena ngn ku buat wallpaper hahahahahahah... untuk mngisi mase lapang ni la ku buat..... nukilan ter baru :p